3 Ways to Protect Your Phone, Case or No Case

March 5, 2016 by iBark - No Comments

The war between case or no case on smartphones continues unabated, but whether you choose to protect your shiny phone from the elements with a big, bulky protective case or let it run naked and free, everyone can agree on one simple fact: shattered phones are a sad occurrence. So no matter how you dress your smartphone, here are a few handy tips to keeping it safe:

Give Your Phone Its Own Pocket (And Avoid the Bathroom) 

Having a smartphone in your everyday loadout is like having the Swiss Army knife of the 21st century, but leaving it to fend for itself amongst your other gadgetry, keys, coins, and junk you keep in your pockets or purse is an unwise move. Give your phone the respect it deserves and give it its own pocket to keep it safe and it’ll reward you with long, beautiful, functional life. Oh, and ask anyone who’s lost a phone in the toilet – phones and bathrooms don’t mix, so don’t risk it.

Screen Protectors 

Though we weren’t a fan of early screen protectors for the iPhone, some of the higher-end offerings are actually a great investment whether you have a case or not. Slim, nearly invisible, and durable, modern screen protectors may slightly darken or blur the image on the screen, but when implemented into a fully-fledged phone protection strategy, it’s a great complimentary tool. 

Make (and Keep) a Routine

We all know someone who is constantly replacing their phone due to drops, spills, or loss. In fact, if you’re reading this, this person might be you! As much as we appreciate the dramatic stories that usually accompany a replacement phone, the cost is problematic for most people. The only way to truly ensure your phone’s well-being is to force yourself to take care of it throughout your daily routine. Dedicate a section of your desk, bedside table, and morning prep area to hold and care for your phone. Identify safe zones in your day-to-day that don’t find yourself reaching for aside from using your phone to prevent accidental drops or spills to begin your climb to phone nirvana. 

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