The iBark Story

iBark started in 2012 in Byron Bay, Australia.

The idea of starting a little business was bolstered by a love of natural materials and seeing what these could be used for in modern day design. After some research and development we started with a range of bamboo phone cases. We ran with this for a number of years and even offered custom engravings as well as our own artwork on the cases.

Fast forward to 2016 and it was time to really show the world what we could do. After many years of research and experience iBark has now created the world’s first iPhone case made from corn and Australian hardwood, allowing the case to compost after just nine months in a home compost unit. We finally took ownership of the design and materials to create a case we could truly be proud of.

Our pursuit to create a durable, protective, and stylish case was driven from the desire to offer our customers something that will not end up in our oceans or landfill. Style, sustainability and function are all key features of the iPhone 6/6s & 7 BiO Case case.

We may have started in 2012 but it feels like the true birth of iBark will be known as 2016.