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iPhone 7 Case
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iPhone 7 Case ‘DANDELION’

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  • Ultra tough
  • Compostable*
  • Slim & Ergonomic
  • Hand crafted Australian wood
  • Sustainable

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Product Description


Harvest iPhone 7 Case was built to offer consumers a sustainable alternative without having to sacrifice anything.

Harvest wooden case is easy to use and offers great protection without being bulky.

Harvest cases are made from Non–GMO corn starch and Australian Eco-Certified hardwoods which are renewable resources.

Corn starch resins are a great material which unlike petrochemical plastics which never break down and end up in oceans and landfill.

We even went as far as colouring our cases with food grade tints to make the shell 100% non-toxic.

Not only is the corn starch resin renewable but it is also 100% compostable* within 9 months in a compost unit.

Harvest iPhone 7 case will not break down until you compost it.


The bio resins used to make the shell of the Harvest case are rigid with the perfect balance of flexion. This combination makes a very durable wooden phone case.

The robust shell wraps 1.4mm above the screen adds great protection for day to day use and drops.

These are designed to take some hard knocks without falling apart.


Suitable for iPhone 7 (Will not fit 7 Plus).

Weight: 34g (1.19 ounces)

Dimensions: 70mm x 140mm (2.75′ x 5.5′)

Wood Species: Blackbutt* (Eco-Certified) – Native Australian Hardwood. We select all of our timber from a local source ensuring the highest quality and best features. We hand finish each veneer in Byron Bay to provide a boutique case that is tactile and beautiful.

Wood Grain: Straight with dark gum veins being a common feature.

Wood Colour: Light to medium brown.

*iPhone 6 Wooden veneers will vary as the product is natural and cannot be replicated making the cases very unique.

All of the artworks are engraved by us in Byron Bay Australia. Artworks are designed by us and other artists from around the world. This artwork was a collaboration between iBark founder Toby Webber and Netherlands artist Henrick Moses.


*Remove the tape which binds the wood to the case before composting.

*Unlike some biodegradable plastics our cases will not require an industrial compost unit. A functioning residential unit will be sufficient.

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iPhone 6/6s

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